voreina_exarhou_d1voreina_exarhou_1voreina_exarhou_2voreina_exarhou_3voreina_exarhou_4voreina_exarhou_5 Eleni Exarchou acrylic on paper - mixed media Eleni Exarchou was born and raised in Athens. She studied painting and sculpture at the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA) and at the Academy of Art University (MFA). She has taught as a scientific associate at the Center of Intercultural Studies of the School of Philosophy [...]
voreina_dokatzis_F1 Dimitris Dokatzis "New Identities 9" Lamda print on dubon Dimitris Dokatzis is a Greek conceptual artist that made his mark in the 80s and has had a huge impact on the new generation of Greek artists. He had his first solo exhibition at Desmos, a cutting edge gallery associated with the Greek avant-garde. Dokatzis’ work [...]
31 May
voreina_bodek_1voreina_bodek_2voreina_bodek_FRONT Nathan Bodek “Light and Darkness" Acrylics on canvas Nathan Bodek is a contemporary British artist, born in Athens in 1979. He primarily works with acrylic paint on canvas and computer generated art. His paintings begin to take shape in a subtle manner with an instinctive aggression and an underlying emotional turmoil taking over. Through his [...]
voreina_asimis_frontvoreina_asimis_12voreina_asimis_2 Christoforos Asimis oil on canvas Christoforos Asimis was born in Santorini and studied painting and sacred painting at the Fine Art School of Athens University. Upon completion of the 5 year course in 1970, he graduated with honours. He has exhibited in Athens at one-man and group exhibitions and also at the National Annual [...]