artvoreina_sotiropoulos_1voreina_sotiropoulos_2 Chrysanthos Sotiropoulos Oil, acrylics and pencil on paper Chrysanthos Sotiropoulos was born in 1967. He studied Painting thin the Athens School of Fine Arts under professors Elias Dekoulakis and Chronis Botsoglou, submatriculating in Printmaking and Religious Icon Painting. Χαρακτικής και Αγιογραφίας. He was awarded an IKY (Greek State) Scholarship from 1986 through 1991. He [...]
31 May
frontvoreina_sarri_1voreina_sarri_2voreina_sarri_3voreina_sarri_4 Helen Sarris Mixed media on paper Helen Sarris was born in Athens. She studied Fine Art in London (University of The Arts and the Royal College of Art) where she lived for more than a decade. She currently resides in Greece. Since 2003 she has selectively worked on commission and in collaboration with other [...]
frontvoreina_panousakis_1voreina_panousakis_2voreina_panousakis_3 Sotiris Panousakis oil on canvas Born in 1968, Sotiris Panousakis belongs to the generation of young Greek painters that examine the condition of painting in today’ “society of the spectacle”. A Goldsmiths College MFA graduate, Panousakis has had three solo exhibitions at The Apartment, Athens; in 2005 he had solo exhibition at Marksman Gallery, [...]
frontvoreina_palaiologou_1voreina_palaiologou_2 Effie Paleologou Archival c‐print Effie Paleologou is amongst the most important Greek photographers. She studied in the Royal College of Art in London, where she lives and works. She recently showcased her new work in the House of Literature and Art of the Onassis Institute, Athens. Her work is in the possession of important museums, such as [...]
frontvoreina_nalbantidou_1voreina_nalbantidou_2voreina_nalbantidou_3voreina_nalbantidou_4 Lia Nalbantidou photography Lia Nalbantidou (b. Thessaloniki, Greece, 1967) lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied Photography (BFA in Photography) at the Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus - Ohio USA (1991). She worked as an intern at the Leo Castelli Gallery – 578 Broadway / NYC and at the National Museum [...]
frontvoreina_mousouri_1voreina_mousouri_2 Cyveli Mousouri oil in Canvas Cyveli Mousouri is a painter from Pyrgos of Santorini who was born and raised in Athens. She graduated from the school of Doxiadis and was taught by the painters Georgiadis, Veniadis and Sarafianou. While painting she is also involved with stage design of children’s theatre and illustration of children’s [...]
frontvoreina_kouskouris_1voreina_kouskouris_2voreina_kouskouris_3voreina_kouskouris_4 Grigoris Kouskouris stone and marble Grigoris Kouskouris was born in Athens in 1980. He is originally from the island of Tinos and he is a descendent of a family of marble sculptors. Works of his ancestors are being kept in the fine art school of the island. He studied in the school of Pallini, [...]
31 May
frontvoreina_kotsoni_1_1voreina_kotsoni_2voreina_kotsoni_3 Eleni Kotsoni mixed media drawings on paper Eleni Kotsoni was born in Rhodes, Greece in 1967. She studied Archaeology and Art History in the Kapodistrian University of Athens (1984-1988) and continued with a scholarship in Art History at the University Paris I. (1990-1991, Paris). In 1990 she studied painting in the distinguished National School [...]
voreina_kolokythas_1voreina_kolokythas_2front Kostas Kolokythas inkjet print Kostas Kolokythas was born in Patra, Greece in 1961. He was raised in Thessaloniki where he held his first photographic exhibition in 1982. He lives and works in Athens as a photographer and a professor of photography in the department of Photography and Multimedia Arts of the Technological Educational Institution [...]
voreina_kalafatis_d3voreina_kalafatis_1voreina_kalafatis_2voreina_kalafatis_3voreina_kalafatis_4 Stratos Kalafatis lamda print on aluminum Stratos Kalafatis (b. Kavala, Greece, 1966) lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece. He studied Photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia (USA) and his work has been exhibited internationally. In 2000 he was the Administrative Director of the Photography Center of Skopelos Island. From 1995 until 1997 he [...]