art in voreina


The idea of a ‘habitable gallery’ developed from our love for art and our efforts to give the space we were designing a reason of being beyond that of hospitality.

In VOREINA everyone can enjoy the comforts of a fully functional suite while at the same time the art pieces that exist in each space are integrated in a way that the guest can experience them in a living situation. This gives our guests the opportunity to relate to the artwork in a way that may not be possible in a different art space.

We attempt to exhibit the individuality of every artist and their work within a suitable environment, a task that is demanding and complex since all the suites and all the artwork have a distinct and unique ‘feel’.

our love for art

cultural meeting point


Our aim is that VOREINA will eventually be a cultural meeting point for Pyrgos through exhibitions and art events as well as a space for the exchange of ideas between artists of different backgrounds.

Most importantly, we believe that the dynamics of a living art gallery will offer our guests a unique perspective of Santorini and make their stay an unforgettable experience.


Chrysanthos Sotiro

Oil, Acrylics, pencil